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Current website doing what you need it to do for you? Does it load super fast? Are your users’ data secure? Is your site accessible to disabled people? Can you use today’s technology to automate some tasks you’re presently doing the long way?

Do you know how to start considering your options for any of it?

we make websites work

What is the Best Way to Get Started?

Schedule a Website Audit

You can schedule this if you want a detailed report card on your current website situation.

Conduct Your Own Website Accessibility Audit

You can follow our free website accessibility guide to get started on compliance today.

Reflect on Value

Looking for a $500 website? Save your $500 and build your own website for free (or almost free).

We manage websites for you

What is a Website Management Plan?

This is insurance, that your new website is being attended to by professionals.

It includes everything from routine maintenance and security monitoring to troubleshooting a rough Wordpress core update or intervening and trying to save your site in a crisis when it goes down due to a cyber attack, exploited vulnerability, or an access breach.

We can only manage sites hosted on our own servers. This is because many problems can arise from poor quality hosting or mismanaged servers, and we cannot properly manage a site without also managing the server hosting it.


Core platform and plugin updates, tech stack security risk reviews


Website backups, and analytics


Website security and uptime monitoring


Reporting on security, updates, backups, keywords, and recommendations

12 hour

Response time for emergencies in our standard management plan

“Why pay someone to Manage my Website?”

You’re going to pay someone a lot more to fix it if you don’t.

Do you understand MySQL, php, javascript, css, and the related code documentation well enough to customize and maintain your modern website to today’s security standards?

If not, then you should probably pay someone whose expertise includes these things, so that you can focus on doing what you do best, which is running your organization.

Think of your new website like you think of a new house. What would happen if you skipped the security and maintenance on all the systems in a new house? You know what would happen. Don’t risk this valuable piece of your organization’s real estate that is your new website.

Some of our services

Website Management

This is a set monthly fee that you can think of as routine maintenance and insurance for your website, and it incudes hosting on our servers, premium plugin subscriptions, a suite of auto-updating privacy documents, site maintenance, and regular mini updates for one monthly fee. Current rate: $125/month for Standard Plan.

Product Photography

If we are building your new site, you must provide us with professional grade images of your products, leadership people, and physical office space. We can also handle this in house for you. Current rate: varies by product and location, but a basic shoot costs $1-2k, exclusive of travel.

Website Troubleshooting

If you have a Wordpress site that is experiencing distress, and it is not on our management plan, we may be able to help. This can be a lifesaver. Current rate: $300/up to two hours.

Content Consulting

Rather than outsourcing, we can sit down with you for monthly 90-minute brainstorming sessions in which we will strategize topics for you to write up in the coming month. This can be super productive. Current rate: $300/month.

New Custom Website Builds

We can build you a custom website designed to function in all the particular ways that your organization needs, without anything extra that you do not need. Current rate: varies based on needed functionality, but most non-membership, non-inventory sites cost $6-10k.

Suite of Privacy Documents

As a data privacy certified web agency partner of Termageddon, we provide all clients on our standard website management plan with a complete set of auto-updating website policy documents. If you are not a client, we can still set you up with Termageddon. Current rate: $200 one-time tech setup fee, plus $99/year.