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Current website not performing? Hosted on the best servers? Accessible to disabled people? Do you need professional photography for your products? Rebranding within your existing tech stack? What constitutes a good logo or a good website today? Can you afford what you need?

Do you know how to start considering your options for any of this stuff?

we make websites work

What is the Best Way to Get Started?

Website Audit

You may want to schedule this if you want to acquire a detailed report card on your overall current website situation. It gives you a starting point for conversations and planning.

Conduct Your Own Website Accessibility Audit

You can follow our free guide and start this audit process on your own. Working through our free website accessibility guide can give you a better sense of your needs.

Reflect on Value

If you’re looking for a $500 website, you can build your own website with little-to-no expertise and save your $500. Such budget websites are not built to industry standards, and won’t function as you need them to.

We manage websites for you

What is a Website Management Plan?

A website management plan is an insurance plan so you know that your website is being attended to by professionals. This includes everything from routine maintenance and security monitoring to trouble-shooting a bad plugin update or crisis intervention when your site goes down or experiences a cyber attack due to a vulnerability. Many, many years of knowledge go into the capacity of supporting today’s websites.

We generally only offer website management plans to clients whose sites we have built ourselves.


Platform and plugin updates, tech stack security risk reviews


Website backups, speed tests, and keyword tracking


Website security and uptime monitoring


Reporting on security, updates, uptime, backups, keywords, and recommended upgrades

12 hour

Response time for emergencies in our standard management plan

“Why pay someone to Manage my Website?”

Unless you have the industry expertise to remain current on the latest security risks for websites, software vulnerabilities and compatibility issues, unless you are a part of a professional community of web developers and agencies where knowledge is shared so that you will remain current, and troubleshooting can happen same-day among contacts with expertise in their niche, unless you are well-versed in the latest web accessibility standards, privacy laws, search engine optimization metrics, and countless other essentials, all of which routinely change every single year, unless you know how to host your site on your own servers so that you can ensure blazing fast site speeds thus keeping your site competitive, unless you have the time and knowledge for daily website backups and weekly updates via a staging site so that you never risk your site going down from a bad update, unless you have the ability to protect and/or recover your site from a breach if it were to ever occur, you should probably pay someone who can handle all of that for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best, which is running your organization.

I can promise you that trying to save money by not investing in routine website management now will cost you more dollars later. Think of your new website like you think of a new house. What happens if you skip the security and maintenance on all the systems in a new house? (You know what happens.) You’re better off with a website management plan. Whether you choose us or another agency, find a professional to manage your website. Don’t risk the security and stability of this valuable piece of your organization’s public facing real estate.

what can You Get?

Website Management Plans

Instead of paying a large sum of money when your site is broken and you cannot fix it, we recommend a website management plan. This is a set monthly fee that you can think of as insurance for your website, and it incudes hosting on our servers, premium plugin subscriptions, a suite of auto-updating privacy documents, site maintenance, and regular mini updates for one monthly fee. Current rate: $125/month for Standard Plan.

Product Photography

If we are building your new website, you must provide us with professional grade images of your products, leadership people, and space. You are welcome to obtain these from someone else, but they must be professional images. We can also handle this in house for you. Current rate: varies by product and location, but most shoots cost $1-2k.

Website Troubleshooting

If you have a Wordpress site that is experiencing distress, and it is not on our management plan, we may still be able to help you. Our website troubleshooting is a one-time, focused attempt to help solve your problem. Note that this is a flat-rate service for problems that can be resolved in two hours or less. Current rate: $300/up to two hours.

Website Audit

This is usually a starting point prior to a new custom website build or for a timely review when considering a rebuild. It is a sort of discovery, after which you receive an in-depth analysis, similar to a report card, of your current website, along with recommendations for improvement, and a quote, which you are free to take to another agency for a comparative bid. Current rate: $500/domain.

New Custom Website Builds

We can build you a custom website designed to function in the ways that your organization needs, without any extras that you do not need. We can create something from scratch that will be well-coded, clean and crisp, fast and very user friendly. Current rate: varies tremendously based on desired functionality, but most non-membership/inventory sites cost $6-10k.

Privacy Policy and Other Website Documents

As a web agency partner of Termageddon, we provide all clients on our standard care plans with complete, auto-updating website policy documents. If you are not on our management plan, we can still help set up your Termageddon auto-updating documents for a one-time fee, and annual subscription, and you can manage your Termageddon account directly. Current rate: $200 one-time setup fee, plus $99/year subscription.